We Need Volunteers!

Bohemia Mining Days needs volunteers to keep the festival running, and keep it free! If you would like to join in the fun, contact us for more information.

BMD is 59 and we can hardly wait!
To have some fun, get prizes won Playing games for old and young.
It’s The Grove’s biggest party of the year with music, food, a Feud and beer
Come one, come all, hop on the train Lots of local history & cash you might gain.
With pony rides for little ones, Enjoy cotton candy and hot dogs on buns.
Carnival rides will drop and spin And has arcade games for you to win.
BMD has parades galore Bloomers, Kiddie and Miners we adore
Make new memories with family and friends Join a feuding town & select your own pins.
But all this fun may never be Without help and participation from thee.

Bohemia Mining Days is a big undertaking, and there just ain't enough hours in the day for the organizers to do everything themselves.  In order to keep the event running smoothly, it takes a small army of volunteers doing all sorts of things before and during the festival, both center stage and behind the scenes.

Please peruse this list of the specific jobs we need done before, during and after the festival.

● Feud Game Crew

● Food Service Crew

● Helena Saloon Crew [Under-21 Root Beer Bar]

● Logistical Crew

● Parade Crew

● Parking Crew

● Social Media Reporters & Promoters

● Train Guides

● Treasure Hunt Hosts

● Vendor Support Crew

Visitor Information/Festival Welcome Booth Hosts

If you take a likin' to one (or more) on the list then click here [Volunteer Description PDF] for a detailed list of jobs.



HINT: Find someone you'd *love* to spend some time with and sign up as a team -- cuz it makes it waaay more fun!

All you need to do in order to let us know you're fixin' to volunteer ya got some options:

Option 1: Call the BMD Office at 541-942-5064

Option 2: Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Option 3: Complete the Volunteer Application (see button below) and send it back to us.

And don't worry that you're going to have to spend your whole weekend working!  We want your help, but we want you to enjoy the festival as well (since that's the whole point of having a festival in the first place)!  If you can only do a few hours, that's okay by us... just let us know how much time you're willing to let us beg off of you, and we'll plan accordingly.

We should also mention that volunteering ain't exactly without its rewards.  Every hour you volunteer earns a point for your town in The Feud. You will have a reserved seat at the Volunteers and Sponsors Appreciation Dinner as our guest.  After all, we reckon if we treat our volunteers right, they're more likely to volunteer again next year.

Thank you, and with your help, we'll see if we can't make this year's BMD the best one yet!

Volunteer Form (PDF)