Live Performers

Jay the Magician

BMD welcomes back local magician, Jay Frasier for his fourth appearance at the festival.  

Jay Frasier is an award-wining magician and escape artist. He is a Dom Deluise Comedy Magic Award recipient and the winner of the 2014 Portland Magic Jam state magic contest. His original magic has been featured in Genii Magazine and on a critically-acclaimed magic instructional DVD set. He has performed professionally for more than 30 years at corporate banquets, county fairs, libraries, birthday parties, and private events. He is also an instructor at Lane Community College in Eugene, OR where he teaches Speech & Communication Studies.

On Friday, Jay will make his stage appearance on the Main Stage from 3:30 to 4:00 pm and he will spend the day roaming around Bohemia City delighting and astonishing festival-goers with his close-up magic tricks.

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Hosanna Youth Performers

Hosanna Youth Performers is a group of dancers (ages 12-19) who desire to glorify God by sharing their love of dance throughout the community. They meet weekly to rehearse, study the Bible, and pray.  Tiese Morgan directs.



Bohemia City Players Return to Bohemia City!

Meet Playwright & Director Jennifer Mandeville Schulz

Bohemia City Players Director Jennifer Mandeville Schulz

In the past, Cottage Theatre did live performances at Bohemia Mining Days to promote their summer production.  When they moved into their expanded facility they began the children's summer camps, which produces the BMD melodrama that coincides with our annual theme.  Due to the rehearsal schedule and Friday-Sunday daily performances they were no longer able to do any performances in the park.

It's been Festival Coordinator Cindy Weeldreyer’s dream for many years to bring live theatre back to Bohemia City and create a Cultural Heritage Stage for them to perform on. The Bohemia City Players troupe was established in 2014.  The theme that year was "Swindlers, Scoundrels, Liars and Cheats" and focused on the great oil well swindle that happened here in 1923. (A good read on page 94 in the local history book, Golden Was The Past.)

To do justice to this chapter of Cottage Grove's unique and colorful history, we had to tell the story "soap opera-style" in four parts with each day's performance advancing the story.  Cindy said, "It was an intrepid group of thespians who pulled it off with very little rehearsal and minimal props, and they did it spectacularly!"

In 2016, she wrote a theme script telling the amazing story of how Andrew Nelson brought electricity to Cottage Grove via the 1893 Chicago World's Fair.  It was her first year as festival coordinator and she simply didn’t have the time to cast and direct it.

This year she reached out to both Cottage Theatre and Opal Center executive directors asking them to put out a call for anyone interested in the job of writing and producing a play highlighting our theme this year.  Cindy said she was overjoyed when Jennifer walked in the door and said she'd like to accept the challenge!

The purpose of the play is to bring live theatre back to Bohemia City, to highlight the annual theme and to convey historical information in a fun way for all ages to enjoy.  Jennifer took the historical information provided to us from the Historical Society and the Genealogical Society and wrote a play focused on some of the early settlers with familiar namesake roads, covered bridges and waterways.  We know y’all will enjoy it!

Bohemia City Players Cast and Crew:

Dale Flynn - old Bohemia Sharp, George Small, Sheriff Joe Damewood, George Clark
Josh Cox - Young Bohemia Sharp, Henry Small, Robert Henry, Thomas Clark, sheep shooter
Emily Bly - Phoebe Sharp, Isabel Mosby, Narrator
Sophia Schulz - Emmett Sharp, Herrod Mosby, David Alexander Mosby, Clark boy, stage crew
Zoe Goings -  Viola Sharp, Nancy Mosby, Stage crew
Danny Henson - David Mosby, Ben Southwell
Blake Nelson - John Burr Mosby, John Southwell
Renata Poulton-Kamakura - Nancy Mosby Small, Eva Davenport, sheep shooter, Ben Clark, stage crew, set design
Jennifer Mandeville-Schulz - playwright, director, producer, assistant costumer, set construction, stage crew
Rhonda Turnquist (Cottage Theatre) - Lead costumer
Judy Smith (Storybook Theater) - assistant costumer

The 30-minute play, “ GOLD, GRIT and GUNS: Locals Who Left a Mark," is performed on the Cultural Stage Thursday at 6:30 p.m. with two daily performances on Friday and Saturday at 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

We are thankful to Dari-Mart for sponsoring this return of live theatre to BMD and Lane Electric Co-Op for sponsoring the Cultural Heritage stage to perform it on.