Live Music!

There are bands for every taste at Bohemia Mining Days. Check the schedule to see what's new.

Bands at Bohemia Mining Days

Music is a big part of the Bohemia Mining Days experience. Here are some descriptions of the bands playing during the festival. A schedule is posted

Windy Ridge

BMD welcomes Windy Ridge back to the Main Stage as our Friday headliner band at 8:30-10:30 p.m.

The Windy Ridge 2016

Windy Ridge has its roots woven deep in the musical fabric of Cottage Grove. Five of the members were born and raised in the Grove and the sixth is a welcomed transplant from South Carolina. Together they make up one of the longest enduring bands in the area.

The band's signature musical style blends Rock, Blues, Country and a little jazz. 

Windy Ridge “Rocking the Park” on Saturday night as our closing band is a long BMD tradition that provides an enjoyable evening of music and fun.

Band Members:

  • Curt Munsell, lead vocals & percussion
  • David Munsell, lead vocals, guitar & keyboard. 
  • Joe Tennis, lead guitar.
  • Brian Gushwa, drums. 
  • Ken Bachelder, bass.
  • Hal Holbrook, keyboard & guitar.
  • Dave "Sonic" Schenkel, sound engineer.  

For booking info: visit

Perfect Flavor

Perfect Flavor returns the BMD Main Stage on Thursday at 6:30 p.m.

Perfect Flavor Pic June 2017Singer and songwriter Bradly Shepherd leads this Cottage Grove-based band. Shepherd, the band’s founder, and Chuck Heritage, one of the finest bass players in the Pacific Northwest, credit an eclectic mix of musical influences such as Stevie Ray Vaughn, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Blake Shelton and Jason Mraz. These musical influences season Perfect Flavor’s repertoire of more than 500 songs, offering something for everyone: classic/pop covers and originals

Perfect Flavor is the house band at Jack Sprats Café playing during lunch and dinner times throughout the week. The band often plays at Saginaw Vineyards, The Brewstation, community events and private parties.

Band members

  • Bradly Shepherd, lead vocals, guitar and percussion
  • Chuck Heritage, bass
  • David Heritage, mandolin
  • Charles Sales Jr., harmonica

For booking info: call 541-513-5761

Sponsored by: Jack Sprat’s Cafe

Buck and Elizabeth   

BMD welcomes back Buck and Elizabeth for their 17th year performing at the festival. Thursday through Saturday they will appear on the Main Stage with Buck serving as the Main Stage master of ceremonies

Buck and Elizabeth 2016They are versatile performers from Castle Rock, WA, who delight audiences of all ages. They put on a high energy show which includes interactive musical comedy with dance, sing-along, and ventriloquism with Peter.  

Buck is a talented singer/songwriter and is a former member, manager and songwriter for the New Christy Minstrels. For a quarter of a century he has pursued his passion in "Education through Entertainment." From character voices to soulful blues Elizabeth is comfortable with Looney Tunes and Patsy Cline.

Buck delights in bringing smiles to all around him and is never too busy to meet a new friend, sign an autograph, or teach you how to spin a rope. After performing for
multi-generations at Bohemia Mining Days since 2001, they love spending time with their Cottage Grove fans. They perform year-round at fairs, festivals, schools and camps around the Northwest. Their music and their sparkling personalities are sure to charm audiences of all ages.


For booking info: visit or call (253) 209-6826

 Presented by the Cottage Grove Quality Inn

 Coupe de Ville

 BMD welcomes Coupe de Ville to the Main Stage on Friday at 5:00 p.m.

 Coupe de Ville is one of the Pacific Northwest’s truly Classic Variety Bands specializing in rock-solid dance party musical entertainment.

 As the name implies, Coupe de Ville has its roots firmly planted in the classic rock eras of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. From Doo-Wop to Rockabilly and Elvis to ZZ Top, this band covers all of the artists and the songs you love to dance to and sing along with. Throw in a classic Country hit or two along with some R&B, Funk, NewWave and even a shot of Disco... Coupe de Ville has something for everyone to make each and every event truly unique.

Their emphasis in recreating the vocal harmonies and instrumentation that made these songs monster hits are delivered with true high-energy showmanship, class, and authenticity. Coupe de Ville delivers a unique entertainment experience combining sound, lights and theatrics with every performance. Who knows, you may even hear “The Wolfman” deliver one of his famous Howling raves.

Coupe d Ville Band 2016

Coupe de Ville Band Members have more than 100 combined years of event entertainment expertise.

  • Bob “Wolfman” Heilman, Keyboard & Vocals
  • Gary “I-Man” Eyman, Guitar & Vocals
  • Ralf “Rip-off” Von, Bass Guitar & Vocals
  • Ronnie “B” Bestone, Drums & Vocals

For booking info: visit

The Huckleberrys

BMD welcomes The Huckleberrys back to the Main Stage on Thursday at 8:30 p.m.

The HuckleberrysLead singer and songwriter Larry Barkemeyer is the inspiration and musical source-code of this country/bluegrass band that formed to play original & old time music in an acoustic format

Larry and Jeff grew up in & around Cottage Grove. They have played together for years in various bands throughout the state and have friends and family that come to sit in and play the tunes at almost every opportunity. Tom and Colleen have been in the area for 10 years and have all been friends for much longer.

Band members:

  • Larry Barkemeyer, guitar & vocals
  • Jeff Boyle, bass
  • Tom Ellis, drums
  • Colleen Ellis, guitar & vocals

For booking info: visit

One More Time Marching Band


BMD welcomes the One More Time Marching Band to the Gazebo Stage on Saturday at 11 a.m. (following the parade)

The One More Time Marching Band has been a Eugene-area institution since 1986.

The band got its start playing in the Eugene Celebration parade, and parades have remained close to their hearts. The band also loves playing at concerts in the parks, at baseball games, and at all kinds of community celebrations.

Following its appearance in Saturday morning's Grand Miner's Parade the band will give a 45-minute concert at Bohemia City in Coiner Park. Don't miss it!

For booking info: visit

Benefit performance to support BMD

Almost Home

BMD welcomes Almost Home back to the main stage this year on Friday at 4 pm. This local music ensemble features violinist Kira Carver.  The other members of Almost Home have well over 200 years combined musicianship.

BMD 2017 Almost Home Picture

Jimmy Kira July 2017Almost Home is a local music ensemble entering its fifth year with young violinist Kira Carver. Kira is beginning her eighth year of classical music training with past mentoring by Steve Kilston, Chip Cohen, Allison Cavanaugh and is currently a student of Claudia Miller.  Maia Wilhour studies piano with Steve Kilston and voice with Siri Vik. The other members of Almost Home have well over 200 years combined musicianship.

In addition to BMD, the band performs at other community events such as the WOE Heritage Fair, Axe & Fiddle “St. Patrick’s Day Celebration”, Sustainable Cottage Grove’s “Meet My Farmer” and “Dance with My Farmer” events, Cottage Grove’s “Earth Day Celebration”, and the Cottage Grove Area Habitat for Humanity “Crab Feed”. Their music repertoire is diverse and includes Americana/Bluegrass, Celtic/Irish, and Mediterranean/Greek music.

Band Members:

  • Kira Carver: Violin and Vocals
  • Maia Wilhour:: Keyboard and Vocals
  • Micheal Clay: Percussion and Sound
  • Phredd Talbot: Bass, Vocals and Sound
  • Donnie Sevilla: Mandolin, Vocals and Sound
  • Joe Griffin: Stratocaster and Dobro guitars
  • Jimmy Schaper: 6 and 12 string Guitars and Vocals
  • Jody Munson: Featured Vocals
  • Carol Palmer: Featured Vocals

 For booking info: call 541-731-1701

Restless Souls (Rock)

BMD welcomes Restless Souls to main stage on Friday at 12:00 p.m.

BMD welcomes Cottage Grove's own Restless Souls back to the main stage on Friday at Noon. This acoustic soft rock-and-roll band formed in 2014, with three band members having played together for 10 years with a previous band.2017 Restless Souls

“All of our inspiration comes from all kinds of music and life events. We love performing and showing people what we can do, we just love seeing it put a smile on our fans faces when they enjoy our music, we really enjoy doing what we do just for the love of music.”




Band Members:

  • Jared Alls – Drums
  • Sean Alls – Lead/Rhythm guitar & Vocals
  • Don Woolsey – Bass & Vocals
  • Carey Woolsey – Lead/Rhythm Guitar & Vocals

Cowboy Cadillac

BMD welcomes Cowboy Cadillac back to the Main Stage as our closing band on Friday at 8:30 p.m.

Where Bakersfield meets Nashville...

Band members describe their music as “a balance between studio-slick and devil-may-care-sloppiness, with equal parts Southern Rock, 50’s R&B, Louisiana Swamp Rock, with a modern country swagger.”

Cowboy Cadillac’s music is real spit-and- sawdust country rock with tremendously gritty vocals and scything guitars. They play smokin’ country and rockabilly tunes and originals. It’s country with an edge!

bands cowboy cadillac

Band Members:

  • Richie Stiles
  • Dave Clark
  • Ron Letsom
  • Greg Johnson

For booking info: visit  

Calvary Creek

BMD welcomes Calvary Creek back to the Main Stage on Saturday at 12:30 p.m.

Calvary Creek

Calvary Creek is a group of eight people who simply love music, performing well-known pop, rock, and folk songs from the 1960s & 70s and beyond with excellence! What's so fun is that the band is multi-generational, with members in their 20's to their 60's. Playing music from A (ABBA) to nearly Z (Young, Neil), the diverse mix in Calvary Creek's repertoire stirs up wonderful memories. The band loves to see the smiles in the audience as they begin a familiar song. You're welcome to sing along if you know the words...and you probably do! 

  Band Members:

  • Jeff Smith, guitars & vocals
  • Kevin Hampton, guitars
  • Mike Murray, bass
  • Brad Helsel, drums
  • Lance Quackenbush, keyboards
  • Scott Smith, vocals
  • Judy Seiffert, vocals
  • Lynell Thomas, vocals

For booking info: call Scott Smith 541-864-0935

Sponsored by Calvary Chapel-Cottage Grove

Fortune's Folly

BMD welcomes Eugene-based alternative rock band Fortune's Folly making its debut on the Main Stage this year on Saturday at 4:30 p.m.

Fortune's Folly

Fortune’s Folly is an energetic and dynamic four-piece alternative rock band hailing from Eugene, Oregon. Their mission is to create a passionate, accepting, and engaged community through music and performance. Fortune’s Folly owes its success to the incredible support received from fans turned friends.

Their desire is to return that love and enthusiasm through music and create an atmosphere in which people can escape their differences and share their love for art and each other. The FollyFam, is their ever-growing network of fans, which includes people from all walks of life.

In a world that needs it more each day, Fortune's Folly provides an avenue for people to accept and appreciate each other through a shared love of music.

Jimmy Bobby Band

BMD welcomes this Eugene-based country dance band  making its debut on the Main Stage this year on Saturday at 6:30 p.m.

Jimmy Bobby

The Jimmy Bobby Band is a traditional country band providing popular covers and original songs to get folks up and dancing. The band made up of professionals that have played and sang for more than 20 years and have 70+ cover songs in their repertoire. They play some rock and blues tunes also. 

Band Members:

  • Jimmy Smith - Vocals / Guitar
  • Bobby Niles - Vocals / Guitar
  • Rich Lee - Bass Guitar / Backup vocals
  • Kim Smith - Backup Vocals.
  • Huck L Berry - Lead guitar
  • Joe Ficek - Drums

More info visit:

For booking info: Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 458-201-3040

Shades of Jazz

BMD welcomes back to the Main Stage Cottage Grove High School's award-winning jazz choir, Shades of Jazz, on Thursday at 5:15 p.m.

 Shades of Jazz

Cottage Grove High School's Shades of Jazz choir has been a staple in the community for decades.  Winner of half a hundred awards during that time, the 20-piece group specializes in singing both classic and contemporary styles, both as a full group and as soloists. This past year Shades won 1st place at competition, as well as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in solos. Many graduates of Shades of Jazz have gone on to perform in college or their own groups, continuing to share their love of singing with  audiences everywhere.Shades of Jazz