The Feud Continues!

Calling all the good people of Cottage Grove! It's time to pick your side in the Seventh Annual Slabtown vs Lemati Feud during the 2018 Bohemia Mining Days Festival, July 19th-21st. Cash Prizes are given ($10.00 for each winner).

Pick a side and join in the fun! We've got a wide assortment of contests for all ages.


Slabtowners were victorious the first year by a narrow margin. Lematians came roaring back in 2013 and 2014 to claim the Feud Rock Trophy. Slabtown showed their competitive spirit in 2015 to reclaim the Trophy for a 2nd time for an unprecedented three year winning streak. The pressure is upon the Lematians to show their community spirit to win this year's Feud.

BMD 2017 Feud Winners

Slabtown Mayor Martina Susec & Lemati Mayor Matthew Buffington

BMD 2017 Feud MayorsPictured with Feudmaster Orr Reeve (far right) who was the 2012 Slabtown Mayor & Assistant Feudmaster Nikola Susec who was the 2016 Slabtown Mayor.

If you're a newcomer, this very old feud between two factions from Cottage Grove's earliest days in the 1890's was rekindled in a fun new way in 2012. If you live on the west side of the Coast Fork of the Willamette River, you are a Slabtowner. If you live on the east side of the river, you are a Lematian. If you're playing from out of the area, we recommend you pick Slabtown because it has a much smaller geographic area and population.

During the three days of BMD, citizens of all ages representing the two towns compete in a variety of free and friendly old-timey games such as the Two Towns Tug o' War, Pie Eating and the Cherry Pit Spittin' contests and mining related contests such as Candlestick Run, Fuse Winder, Thread the Needle, Digging in the Dark, and 20 Miles by Wheelbarrow.

Let The Feudin' Begin...