New Attractions For 2018

Check out the new attractions coming for 2018.



The zipline is more than just a ride.  It's a great way for kids & adults to gain confidence in themselves.  As they climb the 30-foot tall stair tower their hearts begin to race a little.  Once at the top looking down upon 300' of cable run, some kids and adults change their minds about wanting to ride -- then the adrenaline begins to kick in. 

Ride Operator Caleb Porter says, "For the most part I can get them to focus, muster the inner strength and conquer the zipline.  Those needing the most encouragement to conquer the first ride, enthusiastically return for a second ride and the fear is gone!  That is the best part, seeing kids and adults leaving the zipline with more courage & confidence than when they arrived. It's fun and exciting to see all ages (4-80+) conquer the zipline."

The fee to ride is $12. The zipline has a minimum weight requirement of 45 pounds and a maximum weight limit of 245 pounds.  Riders are completely suspended with a body harness and lanyard (It's comparable to sitting in a swing).  There are 2 separate cables allowing side-by-side riders.

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