Miners' Steak Dinner

Miners working in the Bohemia Mining District were hearty eaters after a long day’s work. Good mining camp cooks were highly sought after to provide the fuel that kept the miners strength up on their quest to find the still-to-this-day elusive mother lode of The District.

The inception of this year's 15th Annual Miner’s Dinner came at a BMD planning meeting in 2003.

Festival Coordinator Sharon Jean wanted to add a Thursday evening themed dinner to raise money to support the BMD festival expenses. She suggested creating a miner’s dinner.

A miner attending the meeting quickly spoke up and said,“Cornbread and Beans.”

Sharon asked, “Surely if a deer or a pheasant or a wild turkey came near the camp, wouldn’t they have killed it for a meal?”

“Youbetcha, Honey!” he said.

And the popular BMD Miner’s Dinner was born!

The menu features sirloin steaks (grilled to order) by our BMD Board members and volunteers, the beans are a delicious homemade secret recipe, a scrumptious cornbread muffin, coffee and lemonade complete this beefy Miner’s Dinner.

Proceeds from this dinner support the Bohemia Mining Days Festival.


  • Thursday starting at 6pm, $17


  • Coiner Park

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