Special Presentations

Bohemia City Marshal Swearing-in Ceremony

July 13 at 8 pm

It's been about a decade since Bohemia City had a new marshal in town and the time has come to pass the badge once again. Marshal Henry Isaacs passed it to Marshal Gary Williams in 2007 and now Marshal Williams will officially hand off his duties to Marshal Bob Ehler on the Main Stage on Thursday evening.

On this historic occasion… We remember the late Marshal Isaacs with fondness and respect for the decades he served the good citizens of Bohemia City with honor. (During your time with us in Bohemia City, we invite you to sit a spell and pay your respects to his memory on his memorial bench near the Gazebo.)

We are grateful to Marshal Williams for his decade of public service. For the many tickets he wrote for jay walkin’ and spittin’ and cussin’ that raised a few dollars for the Bohemia City treasury to keep the town operational. We wish him well in his new position as our county commissioner.

We are delighted to welcome our newest Marshal Ehler in this storied line of dedicated public servants devoted to law and justice. After years of service as one of Marshal Williams’ deputies, we are thankful that one of Cottage Grove’s newest city councilors has agreed to accept this noble position and continue the tradition of keeping the peace in Bohemia City. We welcome Marshal Williams to the stage on Thursday evening to conduct the swearing-in ceremony.


City of Cottage Grove Annual VisionKeepers Community Awards

Saturday, July 15 at 8 pm

In 2007, the City of Cottage Grove partnered with local organizations to develop a long-range plan to guide its growth. Hundreds of people participated from across the community in a series of meetings to create the Vision 2037 Plan that was adopted by the City Council in 2008.

VisionKeepers are appointed by the City Council and by the key partner organizations identified in the plan. The group meets quarterly to shepherd the process along. Each year the VisionKeepers recognize individuals, businesses and organizations that have made significant contributions to advance the goals of the 2037 Vision. This year those awards will be presented on BMD’s Main Stage on Saturday night before the final concert of the night.

Vision 2037 is now a decade old. Plans are afoot to once again involve residents and community groups in celebrating what’s been accomplished in the past decade. It is also a good time to consider any new updates to the original goals that will achieve our collective vision of what Cottage Grove will be like in the year 2037.

For more information visit the city website: www.cottagegrove.org


Main Stage Historical Talks

Thursday at 8:10 pm | Friday at 8 pm | Saturday at 6 pm

In an ongoing effort of the BMD Board of Directors to enhance the cultural heritage aspects of the festival we have invited local historians to give brief talks that reflect this year’s theme. “Galloping into the Past” highlights the role horses, oxen and mules played in the early development of Cottage Grove and the Bohemia Mining District.

Go deeper… We also invite festival goers to visit the antique engine display and the Bohemia Mine Owners Association (BMOA) gold panning booth near the Adams Avenue park entrance. Visit our historical demonstrators demonstrating blacksmithing and fur trapping techniques. On Friday and Saturday afternoons embark on BMD’s Historical Treasure Hunt on our time traveling train to visit 13 checkpoints around town. You’ll learn some historical trivia and be entered into a daily $100 cash drawing!


Gold Mining 101 Seminars

Hourly on Friday & Saturday from 11 am to 8 pm (near gold panning booth)

Presented by Cascade Mountains Gold & Dog Rock Expeditions

Looking for a fun new adventure for you and your family? Attend all four topical seminars offered throughout the day on Friday and Saturday to teach you how to become a modern-day gold miner.

Tom Bohmker founded Cascade Mountains Gold in 1968. He is an author, prospecting and pocket gold consultant from Independence, Oregon. His son Josh Bohmker owns Dog Rock Expeditions in Cave Junction, which conducts gold mining tours with metal detectors in the rich gold country of Josephine County in southwest Oregon.

Seminar Topics:

  • History of Gold Mining in Oregon, 1850-Present
  • Bacon & Beans from a Gold Pan: Basic Gold Prospecting Methods
  • Everything you need to find gold with a metal detector (offered Friday only)
  • Prospecting Help to Find Gold & Dealing with government regulations

The Bohmkers display examples of a wide variety gold they have found using their decades of experience and knowledge. Tom will offer pages from his mining history coloring book for a children’s coloring contest on Friday & Saturday with prizes for the daily winners.

For additional information visit: www.goldpannersguide.com