Mayor Welcome

Cottage Grove Mayor Gowing Welcomes You to BMD 2017
The Cottage Grove City Council, city staff, and local citizens of our great city welcome you to the Bohemia Mining Days celebration.

This year is the 58th anniversary of the four-day festival that is fun for the whole family! The 2017 theme “Galloping into the Past” highlights the role horses and oxen played in the development of Cottage Grove and the Bohemia Mining District. I invite you to head up to the 53rd Annual Miners' Breakfast on the Mountain on Sunday from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. Pay close attention to the steep, narrow gravel roads and consider how challenging it was in the 1800’s for miners to get the supplies they needed and to get their gold into town.

On Friday and Saturday, I urge you to participate in the 2nd Annual Historical Treasure Hunt on BMD’s Time Traveling Train. It’s a great way to learn more about our town’s colorful history by visiting our museums and unique landmarks while competing for cash prizes.

If you need more local information, please visit the Chamber of Commerce’s Visitor Center in the Cottage Grove Community Center on Gibbs Avenue. Visitor information is also available at the Bohemia City information booths in Coiner Park.

Mayor Jeff Gowing

Mayor Gowing