Living History

We are proud to celebrate Cottage Grove’s mining and Victorian-era heritage.  Since the celebration first began people have always dressed up in period costumes during Bohemia Mining Days. Now, we are developing programs and entertainment that brings our mining heritage and Cottage Grove’s pioneer history to life!

Gold Panning Pubilcity Photo 2017The Bohemia Mine Owners Association has been a valuable mining history partner for nearly 60 years. These modern-day miners teach young and old how to pan for real gold. Located in the SW corner of Coiner Park in BMD’s Cultural Heritage Village, the BMOA sets up a replica of a miner’s cabin, provides a display of antique mining artifacts and offers gold panning for a small fee.

The Cottage Grove Prospectors & Golddiggers Club created Bohemia Mining Days waaay back in 1959 as an annual tradition to keep our community's unique and colorful history alive for future generations.  In 1964, they began the Miners Breakfast on the Mountain  event on Sunday mornings at Bohemia Saddle Park, approximately 40 miles SE of Cottage Grove in the Bohemia Mining District. As the event’s popularity began drawing hundreds of diners, staffing issues forced the Club to hand off the festival planning duties to a group of community volunteers who have kept the tradition alive to the present day.

In addition to the Sunday breakfast, the Club owns and maintains the only Victorian-era home in town that is open to the public. It belonged to Dr. Snapp, an early doctor, and is now a museum showcasing early medical practices in the late 19th & early 20th Centuries. The Dr. Snapp House is one of the stops on the “time traveling train” and serves as one of the Historical Treasure Hunt checkpoints.

Other living history features this year include:

● The BMD Historical Treasure Hunt, sponsored by the Cottage Grove Economic and Business Improvement District (EBID), returns for its second year on Friday and Saturday. This "time-traveling train" transports our historical treasure hunters seeking cold hard cash prizes to follow a treasure map that leads them to three local museums, historical attractions, and to businesses in our Historic Downtown District.  

Antique Engine Display showcases early gasoline/kerosene/fuel oil powered stationary engines that ran home appliances such as a washing machine, powered electric generators, belt driven mills and workshops.  

Living History Demonstrators that includes blacksmithing, fur trapping, etc.

Living History Talks between Main Stage performances (check festival schedule)


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*A BIG thanks to the Fort Umpqua Project in Elkton, the Fort Umpqua Muzzleloaders, the Bohemia Mine Owners Association, the Cottage Grove Historical Society, the Cottage Grove Genealogical Society, the Bohemia Gold Mining Museum, the Cottage Grove Historical Museum, Roger Rue (antique engines), and the Prospectors & Golddiggers for providing this year's living history experiences.