Carnival at Bohemia Park

The carnival rides are in Bohemia Park, which provides a convenient bridge between Coiner Park and downtown Cottage Grove. There is parking on South 10th Street and in the park's parking lot.

We welcome Rainier Amusements back this year. The show travels through the states of Washington, Oregon and Idaho, and brings rides, games, and food stands to Cottage Grove for the duration of the festival. This year’s rides are: Hampton Combo, Baja Jeeps, Hampton School Bus, Dragon, Convoy, Coaster, Slide, Tornado, Sizzler, Vortex, Kamakazi, Spider and Hi-Jacker (drop tower). Carnival proceeds support BMD operations.

Advance All-Day Ride Bracelets are $22  if purchased by 3:30 pm on July 19th, 2018. Tickets for the bracelets are available at Cottage Grove location: Bi-Mart.

Individual ride tickets can be purchased with most rides requiring multiple tickets per ride.

Questions? Call the BMD Office at 541.942.5064

Operating hours may vary. If busy, the carnival will remain open


  • Bohemia Park