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2016 Bohemia Mining Days

BMD coming this July 14-17! So get ready for fun! To learn about what we did last year, peruse our Event Schedule. We are always updating the website, so check back often for additions & changes.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Festival Coordinator (Nancy Glines) at (541) 942-5064See you soon!


By Wing, By Wheel, By Engine of Steel . . . OR The Mayor Has Loco-Motives              

An original melodrama by Keith Kessler

Grand Miners Parade

Join the fun! Fill out a parade form today!

The Grand Miners Parade is a tradition stretching back over 50 years in Cottage Grove. This year we are combining it with the Bloomers Parade, so bring your Bloomers!

The Feud Continues!

Calling all the good people of Cottage Grove! It's time to pick your side in the Third Annual Slabtown vs Lemati Feud during the 2015 Bohemia Mining Days Festival, July 14-17. This year's theme, By Wing, By Wheel, By Engine of Steel, focuses on our community's early modes of transportation. Pick a side and join in the fun! We've got a wide assortment of contests for all ages.

BMD Express Train

As the BMD events continue to expand beyond Coiner Park with a stronger focus on cultural heritage, we have added a rubber-tire train on Friday afternoon and Saturday to serve as a people mover between the festival’s key venues: Bohemia City in Coiner Park, the Carnival in Bohemia Park and All America City Square on the corner of Seventh and Main in the Historic Downtown District.

Living History

Bohemia Mining Days has always had people dressed up in period costumes. Now, we are developing programs and entertainment to help bring our mining heritage to life!

Kiddie Parade

Come see your kids marching in the Kiddie Parade! The parade begins and ends on Friday morning at the CG Community Center with a route through the downtown area.

Become a Sponsor

If you'd like to have your business or organization be a part of Bohemia Mining Days, or if perhaps you'd like to just throw us a few bucks to help out, then we've got some options for you!

Carnival at Bohemia Park

The carnival rides are in Bohemia Park, which provides a convenient bridge between Coiner Park and downtown Cottage Grove. There is parking on South 10th Street and in the park's parking lot.

All-Day Ride Bracelets are at Bi-Mart for only $22 through the 15th ($5 savings!)


Cottage Grove, Oregon // Coiner & Bohemia Parks

FESTIVAL IS JULY 14-17, 2016!